Gangu (also called Gungu by Majesco) is the invention of Dr. Ein, the best friend of Bongo and a tutor for White Bomber. Gangu is chatty, self-centered, annoying and is also one of the members of the Jetters. Bongo upgrades Gangu numerous times into random objects to help with their missions and daily life; Gangu dislikes this and even wished that Bongo wouldn't upgrade him. His personality alternates between being hyperactive and self-pitying/depressive, and he easily gets carried away with his own ideas, whether or not they have any basis in reality. While Gangu has some conflicts with Bongo, and doesn't like being modified by him, they act quite close to each other and often depend on one another.

Gangu is frequently portrayed as a humorous, comedy relief character throughout the series. He occasionally breaks the fourth wall. Though Gangu is often modified into various devices, he seems to always possess a rapid-fire glue gun in his normal form, which is used to slow enemies down.

In the Bomberman Jetters console game, Gangu operates the Bomb Merge Device, which is transferred into the middle of several stages. Here, White Bomber can use Gangu to combine a Fire Bomb with an obtained elemental item, to create a new type of Elemental Bomb. Gangu is the only member of the Jetters besides White Bomber and Mighty who appears in person in this game.



Bongo often tinkers with Gangu, usually modifying him to be useful ("useful") in various ways.

White Bomber

Gangu is White Bomber's tutor. Along with Bongo, he taught him how to use the Thunder Bomb to defeat Mermaid Bomber while the pair had temporarily left the Jetters.



Dr. Ein

Dr. Ein is the creator of Gangu. In one episode, Ein once played an April Fool's joke (what he didn't know is that it was April 2nd) saying that when he created Gangu he fell in love with one of Bagura's inventions.



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