Gangoron is the third boss of Bomberman World. Its pilot is Fire Bomber.


  • Gangoron moves quickly, pursuing Bomberman. It will harm the player on collision. Occasionally, it will stop moving and show its faces. The head that faces forward determines what attack it will execute. Gangoron passes over bombs and is invulnerable to attacks while it is moving.
  • Angry Face - Gangoron fires five Volcano Bombs up and out of the top of the screen. The bombs then come down slowly onto the ground, as indicated by shadows that appear at their destination points. They will damage Bomberman on impact.
  • Laughing Face - Gangoron jumps up into the air and then lands, creating eight trails of fire that spread from its body.
  • Crying Face - The three heads of Gangoron separate and jump around. If Bomberman is not riding Nyanjiro when they land, he will be stunned briefly. When the heads join back together again, they will execute the Laughing Face's attack upon landing.


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