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Gammebook (ガメプク, Gamepuku in Japanese) is the third boss of Super Bomberman 3. Its passenger is Pretty Bomber.


  • Steam - The boss releases puffs of steam, which drift toward the edges of the screen. The steam clouds will attach to players on contact, slowing them down. They are indestructible, but will disappear after some time. When Gammebook's glass dome lights up, the player can tell that it is about to perform this attack.
  • Water - The boss releases two streams of water, which move between the blocks, seeking players. The water streams are five tiles long, and cannot move upward on the map. They will carry players and bombs with them upon contact. There can only be two streams of water on screen at any given time (for example, if one stream of water is still moving about when the boss performs the attack again, the boss will only release one stream). Gammebook shakes and sloshes around the water inside it before performing this attack.
  • Gammebook can move in quick, straight-line bursts, passing over blocks. Typically, it moves in a random direction, but when a player is nearby, it may move toward that player. Collision with the boss damages players. Gammebook ducks its head into its metal shell before moving.


Gammebook's only vulnerable spot is its head. It is invulnerable while moving. The longest moment of vulnerability that it has is during its steam attack, when it remains stationary for several seconds.


  • The name "Gamepuku" comes from the Japanese words "game", sometimes used for "turtle" (kame), and "puku", likely referring to "bukubuku", a sound effect for bubbling.
  • When Gammebook is defeated, he will fly up into the air and crash land, breaking the tank of water.
  • Gammebook's movement pattern is likely modeled after the Kaiju Gamera, a giant turtle monster. Like Gammebook, Gamera has the power to fly by tucking in its limbs, firing flames from its shell, and spinning.


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