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G Ganzu is the final boss and the possible main antagonist of Super Bomberman 2. He emerged from the wreckage of SkeleGuard after shooting down Plasma Bomber with a lightning arrow, and proceeded to attack Bomberman. The only way to defeat him is to use the Power Glove to throw bombs at him.


The boss moves around randomly, passing over blocks and eliminating bombs in its path. As it sustains damage, it becomes faster. Its only method of attack is to collide with the player.


As mentioned, G Ganzu is impervious to explosions. The player must use the Power Glove to throw bombs into him, which will then disappear and damage the boss, as they do with other bosses and enemies. The last stage where the player can obtain the Power Glove is on stage 5-7; if the player ends up without this mandatory item at the final boss, then by losing to G Ganzu, the player can restart at 5-7 and pick the item up, provided that he or she has an extra life.

As G Ganzu takes damage, he becomes more red in color. This can be used as an indicator for how close the player is to defeating the boss.


  • "G Guns" is an alternate translation of G Ganzu.
  • The G in Ganzu's name means "General". His full name is General Ganzu. Why he is called that remains a mystery.
  • He is the second boss which has to be hit while airborne, the first being Uiteru V.



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