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Blobby, Bomberman Quest

Funya (フニャ), also known as Amorphous Man[1] and Blobby in some of the English games, is a recurring enemy in the Bomberman series. It is a one eyed slime like enemy. It is most notable in the Panic Bomber Series. It is usually blue in color.


Bomberman '93

Funya seems to have first appeared in Bomberman '93. It moves quickly, sometimes turning or reversing directions at random. It is worth 200 points.

Panic Bomber Series

Funya is a fast enemy and is very tenacious, making stacks quickly[2] and managing to do great combos. The player is better off not fill a lot of his or her field since Funya will cause Scorched Bombs to appear quickly. To avoid losing, plan a 6 move combo and the rocket will appear, then a lot of bombs will explode and Funya's field will be filled quickly. In the arcade version, Funya has a unique voice shared by no other characters.

Bomberman Quest

Blobby , as it is known in the English versions of Bomberman Quest, is one of the enemies that is found in the Field Zone.[3] It bounces around aimlessly. The recommended tactic is to place a Land Mine on the position at which it will land, but the player must take care not to be caught in the resulting explosion. Blobby has 4 HP and yields the Rubber upon its defeat.[4]

Funya defeated

When Funya defeated in Bomberman 93


  • In Panic Bomber (Virtual Boy), Funya appears in one of the block sets.
  • Just try to be careful not to get hurt by him.
  • In Bomberman 93, when he is defeated the player can see itself with with two eyes.



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