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Blobby, Bomberman Quest

Funya (フニャ, Funya), also known as Amorphous Man[1] and Blobby in some of the English games, is a recurring enemy in the Bomberman series. It is a one eyed slime like enemy. It is most notable in the Panic Bomber Series. It is usually blue in color.


Bomberman '93[]

Funya seems to have first appeared in Bomberman '93. It is found on Planet Quarry. It moves quickly, sometimes turning or reversing directions at random. It takes 1 hit to defeat and yields a score of 200 points.

Panic Bomber Series[]

Funya is a fast enemy and is very tenacious, making stacks quickly[2] and managing to do great combos. The player is better off not fill a lot of his or her field since Funya will cause Scorched Bombs to appear quickly. To avoid losing, plan a 6 move combo and the rocket will appear, then a lot of bombs will explode and Funya's field will be filled quickly. In the arcade version, Funya has a unique voice shared by no other characters.

Bomberman Quest[]

Blobby, as it is known in the English versions of Bomberman Quest, is one of the enemies that is found in the Field Zone.[3] It bounces around aimlessly. The recommended tactic is to place a Land Mine on the position at which it will land, but the player must take care not to be caught in the resulting explosion. Blobby has 4 HP and yields the Rubber upon its defeat.[4]




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