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The Full Fire (フルファイアー) item is an advanced version of the Fire item. It maxes out the player's fire capacity, making his or her bombs explode with the biggest possible blast radius. Usually, this extends over a good portion of the battlefield. This item appearance is either a fire with joyful face (sometimes golden), or a panel with a letter F on them.

In Bomberman Quest, the Full Fire is an item that can be equipped at any time. It increases Bomberman's Fire range to 5.[1]

In games like Bomberman Max 2, some Charaboms such as KameKing or Thunder Liger, possessed that ability as well.

In Bomberman Generation, Dorako also had that ability.


See Fire.


  • This item is superior to the Power Bomb item in the sense that it gives all bombs, not just the first, their maximum blast radius. However, this increases the chances of self-destruction.


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