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Ah, isn't it a beautiful day? Just look at the dew on the leaves!

Fruity, Bomberman Quest

Fruity (カジュウ, Kajuu, in Japan) is an enemy in Bomberman Quest.


Fruity is found in the Forest Zone. It flies slowly through the air, pursuing Bomberman. Periodically, it will pause to hurl a bouncing ball at Bomberman. It can also kick bombs that it collides with.

While in the air, Fruity is only vulnerable to bombs that have circular explosions, such as the Flak Bomb. It can be knocked down with a thrown bomb in order to damage it with a cross-shaped explosion. While in the air, it will not harm Bomberman on collision, but on the ground, it will.

Fruity has 4 HP and yields a Stopwatch upon its defeat.[1]


  • The Japanese name "Kajuu" means "fruit juice".


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