Freezer Venus (フリーザービユーナス Furīzābiyūnasu) is the fifth boss of Super Bomberman 3. Its passenger is Plasma Bomber. A mecha that has the appearance of a large princess.


  • Tornado - Venus releases a tornado in front of her, which pursues the player, stopping before turning. The tornado will hurt the player on contact, and can be destroyed in an explosion for 100 points. The tornado will disappear on its own after some time.
  • Ice Magic - The boss's facial expression changes, her shoulder pads lift, and six snowflake bullets are released. The bullets are all fired in downward angles. They fly in straight lines until they leave the screen, and will damage players on contact.
  • Dolls - When bombs are positioned below Venus, she may stop, raise her arms, and release three Small Fry (ザコ) enemies. They walk toward the bottom of the screen, then dive onto their stomachs and begin sliding quickly. When they collide with a wall or a bomb, they will disappear. Upon colliding with a bomb, the bomb will be kicked downward. They can be destroyed in a bomb blast for 100 points a piece, and can also damage players who are caught in their paths.
  • While not attacking, Freezer Venus can move in 8 directions, and often pursues the player, passing over walls and bombs. Contact with the boss will harm players.


By placing a bomb in the path of a tornado and moving out of the blast range while staying in line with the bomb, the tornado will essentially become "trapped", moving back and forth against the bomb in an attempt to pursue the player before its inevitable destruction.

When ice magic is fired, two of the snowflakes move in straight vertical lines toward the bottom of the screen, leaving a single tile gap between them. If the player stays directly in front of Venus, the attack can be completely avoided.

Because the Small Fry dolls can only move in a downward direction, they can be avoided if the player moves out of their lines of sight.

When Freezer Venus is defeated, she simply explodes.


  • Tornado - 100 points
  • Small Fry - 100 points
  • Freezer Venus - 5000 points
  • Other stuff - 50 points


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