For the villainous team in Bomberman Jetters, see Bomber Shitennou.

The Four Bomber Kings (Bomber Shitennou in Japanese) are a group of four evil bombers and are secondary villains of Super Bomberman 4, along with their leader Bomber Great. Each of them utilizes their own special weapon and come together to serve Bagura. They also appear in Bomberman Party Edition as playable characters in the Advanced Battle Game.[1]


After the second defeat of the Five Dastardly Bombers, Bagura (reduced to a brain in a machine) summoned Bomber Great and the Four Bomber Kings to take down White and Black's ship while they were traveling through space. The two heroes, along with their other friends, were flung into a time-bending black hole and forced to travel through various time periods to defeat the Bomber Kings and return home.[2]




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