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"Formidable Enemy! Combined Bombermen" is the 3rd episode of the Bomberman Jetters series. It was aired on October 16, 2002.[1]


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Introducing... the "Combined Bomberman Making Machine."

This episode begins by Mujoe complaining there is a new guy in the Hige Hige Bandits and he is really good. Dr. Mechado explains that he has completed the "Combined Bomberman Making Machine".

At the ramen shop, White Bomber finally wakes up at noon and Shout totally yells at him. Since he lives in Shout's house, he must help with the shop.


The City in the Sky, Planet Sorabakka

The Hige Hige Bandits tries to steal a golden cat, called the Beckoning Cat of Happiness, but gets caught and the Jetters are called. They launch the Cosmo Jetter and on the inside White Bomber and Shout are fighting over the Sky Jetter. The Jetters take the Sky Jetters and arrive at the city in the sky. There, the wealthy owner of the cat Bajira gives out free money. His servant explains that whoever possesses the Beckoning Cat becomes very rich and does not have to work.

That night, the Jetters patrol the grounds. Shout encounters the servant, and he explains that Bajira was not always like this. He used to work until he found the cat.


Mechado fires the Bomberman Making Machine on a bat.

The Hige Hige Bandits show up and sets off one of White Bomber's traps. Mechado also shows up with the Bomberman machine too. He explains how it works and shoots a bat, turning it into Bat Bomber. He throws a bat bomb which explodes into numerous bats.


Bat Bomber meets Birdy.

While the Jetters are distracted, Bat Bomber flies off with the cat. The Jetters chase after him and lure him to White Bomber who throws a fire bomb and blows him up. Bat Bomber turns back into a normal bat and flies off. The scene zooms in on a tower where a figure is standing.


It... broke.

The Jetters get the cat back, but White Bomber drops it and shatters it. Later, back at the ramen shop, Shout reads a letter from the servant. It says that Bajira is now working again and he is happy. Shout thinks that White Bomber dropped the cat on purpose but second guesses herself.


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