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I've been waiting for you! Come and get me!

Flyball, Bomberman Quest

Flyball (フライボール, Furaibōru) is an enemy in Bomberman Quest.


Flyball is found in the Desert Zone. It flies through the air, dropping small bombs everywhere. Each bomb travels one tile space at most before hitting the ground and detonating in a small, round explosion. Only the explosions can harm Bomberman, as Flyball and the bombs themselves do not.

Because it is airborne, only bombs that have circular explosions, such as the Flak Bomb, will damage Flyball. If Flyball is stunned with a thrown bomb, then normal explosions will harm it. The Homing Bomb is particularly effective against Flyball when it is thrown with the Power Glove. Flyball has 6 HP and yields a Fire item upon its defeat.[1]


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