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Flare Bird (フレアバード, Furea Bādo) is an enemy in Bomberman 64.


Flare Bird is founnd in Green Garden. It flies high above the ground, moving slowly and aimlessly. When Bomberman is near, it will perform a diving attack, swooping down to the ground before returning back to the air. It will harm Bomberman and detonate bombs on collision.[2]

Because it detonates bombs, Flare Bird's attack can be very dangerous, especially on narrow pathways or when an attacked bomb has a high Fire level. When diving into bombs, Flare Bird may safely avoid the resulting explosion if it is small, but may be caught in bigger blasts. Bombs thrown into Flare Bird will detonate and harm it regardless of the blast size. In Hard Mode, it moves and dives more quickly and takes two normal bomb blasts to destroy.


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