The Flame Pass item, also known as Flameproof (Bomberman II), is a power-up unique to the earliest Bomberman games. As the name implies, it allows the player to pass through bomb explosions without taking damage.


Once the player has obtained this item, they no longer have to worry about blasting themselves with their own bombs. This means that the player can lay bombs anywhere and everywhere and the only thing they'll have to watch out for is enemies.

This item can be used to great effect, if a player doesn't mind making a lot of noise. Just like with the Mystery Item, a player can lay a bomb at their own feet, let it explode while holding the Bomb button. While the button is held, the game will attempt to place a new bomb under the player, but if there is an explosion underneath, then it will cause another blast to emerge. Holding the button and moving around will keep the player in the middle of an endless blast, destroying Soft Blocks and enemies that get in the way. There is a risk with this technique, however: if the player isn't careful, they may accidentally burn power-ups or the exit door, both of which cause enemies to spawn. Of course, this also leads to more points, so that may still be to the player's benefit.


  • In the original Bomberman, the invincibility jingle will play when picking this item up. Despite that, it is a permanent upgrade in that game and, unlike the Mystery Item, will only be lost if the player loses a life.
  • After the first NES game, this power-up became temporary, causing the player to flash or flicker while in effect.
  • The NES games use a unique icon while Bomberman on the TurboGrafx-16 uses an icon that would later become the graphic for the Invincible Suit power-up.

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