I'm all fired up!

Flame Bomber, before facing against White Bomber in the anime, Bomberman Jetters

Flame Bomber is one of the members of the Bomber Shitennou. He makes an appearance in the Bomberman Jetters anime as well as the game.


Flame is very energetic and is eager to use his fire abilities. In the Anime, Shiro's flame bombs do not harm him at all and Flame actually encourages him to use his abilities. He is the first member of the Shitennou to be defeated, so not much else is known about him. His Japanese voice sounds very childish, and he seems to be the least mature of the Shitennou, behind Mermaid Bomber.


The symbol of Flame's back will manifest into a real dragon that holds his bomb in its mouth. It covers his arm and he uses it like a cannon to fire his bombs. Shiro's fire bomb gave him more power but he was unable to withstand Shiro's stronger fire bomb so there is a limit to the fire he can withstand.

In the video game, this dragon arm works like a flamethrower. His Killer Shot in Battle Mode gives him total invincibility for 20 seconds, during which he cannot drop bombs. This could be a reference to how he was unharmed by Shiro's Fire Bombs.


Flame Bomber's Battle Field is the only one used by the Shitennou to have a consistent appearance between the Jetters anime and the Gamecube/PS2 game. However, in the game, it is only seen at night and the battlefield is covered in giant red candles, which can be destroyed.


  • "Come out and play with fire, with Flame Bomber! But beware not to get burned!" (Opening cutscene.)
  • "Take this! Flame Fire!" (Using Flame Fire.)
  • "Fire Knuckle!" (Using Fire Knuckle.)
  • "How about that?" (After using Fire Knuckle.)
  • "Time to get serious!" (After losing half of his health.)
  • "Fire, fire, fire, fire!" (When he splits himself into four.)
  • "Ugh... You defeated me! You're good." (After being defeated.)


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