Each Flag's color designates the color of its owner.

The Flag (旗) is a trap that appears in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman 4. Each player in the match has a Flag of his or her corresponding color. If the Flag is destroyed by an explosion, the Flag's owner will also be destroyed.[1] The Flag will also be destroyed if its owner is caught in an explosion.

Players may pick up and carry any Flag by walking into it. The Flag can be placed back onto the ground with the Y button. As a result, any player who uses a special ability while carrying a Flag will set that Flag down. In the case of Jet Bomber, the Flag will be destroyed by the attack.[1]

If a Flag is being carried by a player when that player is eliminated, the Flag itself will also be destroyed. Thus, if a player is carrying another player's Flag, and is caught in an explosion, both that player as well as the owner of the Flag will be eliminated. However, if this scenario occurs while there are only two players left in the match, the owner of the carried Flag will not be eliminated as long as he or she is not personally hit by the explosion.

Bombs cannot be placed on top of Flags.


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