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Fire Stone

The Fire Stone is one of the seven Elemental Stones in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack.


This stone was first seen on Bomberman's ship during the opening cinematic. This stone is actually the legendary treasure of Planet Bomber that Bomberman uses to produce bombs.

The Fire Stone is stolen from Bomberman by BHB soldiers shortly after his capture. Fortunately the egg Bomberman found on the Hot Springs Planet hatched inside his cell, revealing a mimic by the name of Pommy... Pommy fits through the cell bars & takes back the stone after a short scuffle. When he returns it to Bomberman he pumps a bomb, and destroys the cell door. It appears to be shaped like an actual flame, colored different shades of orange and almost completely spherical aside from the 5 large "spikes" at the top. Baelfael, the Astral Knight of Fire attempts to steal it from Bomberman on the Lost Planet Alcatraz, but is defeated. It was later used by Rukifellth to unleash his earthly body, and last seen in the possession of its original owner and elemental knight, Baelfael.

Bomb Ability[]

Fire Bombs: These are the standard bombs Bomberman uses in every game of the series. They are basic black/navy blue with a small fuse. When fire bombs explode they release a cross shape of fire in all four cardinal directions. The range of these explosions increase with each Fireup, and Bomberman can use a maximum of 4 at a time (one more for each bombup). If something is frozen with an Ice Bomb, e.g., fountains, they can be broken with fire bombs.

  • Big Fire Bombs: If Bomberman pumps up a fire bomb it becomes a Big Bomb. Despite having a shorter length-wise range these bombs are far more powerful, creating a large sphere of flame as opposed to a cross that increases in length with each Fireup. Big Fire Bombs are for the most part strong against any foe, aside from element specific or intangible enemies.