Not to be confused with Golem Bomber, who is sometimes referred to as Fire Bomber.

Fire Bomber is a member of the Dark Force Bombers. He is a magical swordsman who fights with the spirit of fire.

Bomberman Wars

In Bomberman Wars, Fire Bomber makes his first chronological appearance, attacking Bomber Continent alongside the rest of the Dark Force Bombers. He is fought in the Flame Empire at the northwest point of the map.

Fire Bomber has a long bomb placement range and an average movement range. His special attack is "Breaking Fire", which he can use to target and detonate a bomb.

Upon defeat, Fire Bomber is sealed away in a Blue Crystal by King Bomber.


  • Move - 2
  • Range - 4
  • Special - Breaking Fire (2 uses)

Bomberman World

Several hundred years after the events of Bomberman Wars, Fire Bomber is released from his Blue Crystal, revived, and given an upgrade by Bagura. He conquers Planet Fire and is the third Dark Force Bomber that Bomberman encounters.

Fire Bomber is able to shoot steady streams of fire from his belt, which extends four tile spaces from his body in all four directions. The fire does not detonate bombs, but it will harm the player on contact. He continues to walk around the arena while executing this attack. He can also stop moving and randomly generate pillars of fire from the ground, which will also harm the player.

Upon defeat, Fire Bomber fights Bomberman with Gangoron. He is ultimately bested and is once again sealed away in a Blue Crystal.



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