The nine Fiendish Bombers are the criminal Bombermen who are main villains of Super Bomberman 5, alongside Terrorin. They were locked away in Bomber Prison until Emperor Terrorin released them. They joined Terrorin to help him try to conquer Planet Bomber. In some boss fights, they ride Warooi. They all have different abilities and are playable characters in the Battle Game.



  • Although considered to have eight members, there are technically nine individuals that make up the Fiendish Bombers; however, Subordinate Bomber is a minion of Pirate Bomber, and they are fought as a pair.
  • During the boss fights with the Fiendish Bombers, some arenas have Fall Zones or Pit Holes.
  • During the bad ending, Terrorin escapes with the Fiendish Bombers.
  • During the good ending, Terrorin is destroyed and the Fiendish Bombers are returned to their cells at Bomber Prison.


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