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Yeti, Bomberman Quest

Eyti[1] (エイティ, Eytei), also known as Yeti, is an enemy in Pocket Bomberman and Bomberman Quest. It is a small, furry, yeti-like creature.

Pocket Bomberman[]

Eytisprite Eyti is found in the Forest area. It moves slowly. When it reaches the edge of a platform or when it collides with a bomb or wall, it will pause before reversing its direction. If the player lines up with Eyti horizontally, and there are no obstacles between them, it will pause briefly before dashing in the direction of the player. It will harm the player on collision. It takes 1 hit to defeat.

Bomberman Quest[]

Yetisprite Yeti moves around aimlessly until it decides to curl up into a ball and bounce, pursuing Bomberman quickly and ceaselessly. It will only stop bouncing if it is caught in an explosion, at which point it will revert to its initial movement pattern. It will teleport away if a bomb is thrown at it or carried near it while it is walking.

Because it moves quickly and pursues Bomberman, the use of a speed-boosting item such as the Dash Shoes or Sneakers is highly recommended. Yeti has 7 HP and yields the Gauntlets upon its defeat.[2]



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