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Exits are a recurring gameplay element in the Bomberman series.


Exits are end portals found in most of the games that allow the player to move to the next area. They generally are revealed when all the enemies of the area are defeated. They come in three main types:

  • Standard Exit
  • Multiple Exit
  • Exit Door

Standard Exits[]

B1 (NES) - Standard Exit

Generally an exit is hidden inside a Soft Block and could only be accessed after killing every enemies of the stages, or depending of some games, by destroying the Core Mechanisms present in said level.

Those kind of exits, if blasted with a bomb will generally generate more enemies, such as Pontans who will pour out of it.

Multiple Exits[]

Exits (SB4)

Multiple exits are found in some Bomberman games, appearing when all the enemies are defeated or certain conditions are met such as finishing a certain mission, under a certain time etc. They appear in form of warp and are found in two kind of colors (that varies depending of the games), one that leads to a stage that have been already visited, the other ones for accessing new stages. The players must pay attention to those colors.

In Super Bomberman 4, they appear as blue, while in Super Bomberman 5, Exits come in two colors. Yellow Exits lead to levels that are not completed, while Purple Exits lead to levels that are already completed. Additionally, the game features special exits that lead to Bonus Stages.

In Bomberman Max, exits come in two colors as well, Orange (for already visited areas) and Blue (for the areas not visited yet).

In Bomberman Max 2, Pink (for already visited areas) and Blue (for the areas not visited yet).

It shall be noted that in both Bomberman Max and Bomberman Max 2 a "special exit" (colored blue), will be spawned (near the player) if the player didn't met the required objectives of the stages, or when the conditions couldn't be done anymore. If the player takes this exit, the stage will be reseted, allowing them to try it again.

Exit Door[]

In some games, the exit of a stage simply take the appearance of a door (or multiple exit doors depending on some games). The door is generally visible from the start, thus isn't revealed from a Soft Block. However, the concept remain similar to the other types as all enemies must be defeated, or Core Mechanisms destroyed in order for it to open.