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Evil (デビル, Devil, in Japan), also known as Demon, is an item that appeared only in Bomberman 64 and Bomberman 64: The Second Attack. Like the Skull, it causes a random effect, but these effects are applied to every player. While most effects are bad, there are some good effects. During a battle, only a single Evil item may appear. The item is pretty much similar to the Devil item from Saturn Bomberman.

Effects in Both Games[]

  • Hiccups - Random players become dizzy every 5 to 10 seconds, this includes ghosts as well.
  • Shuffle/Change - All players switch places randomly, causing confusion.
  • Twister/Hurricane - A big tornado appears, dizzying players in its path and throwing bombs that touch it in random directions.
  • Gulliver - All players become giants, making them move slowly.

Bomberman 64 Effects[]

These effects only appear in Bomberman 64:

  • Throw - All players instantly pick up and throw any objects (such as bombs or items) that they touch: bombs can therefore no longer be kicked. They can still pick up items that land on them (say, by throwing an item while touching a wall).
  • Maximum - All bombs explode with the blast radius of a pumped-up Red Bomb and the Red Bomb's blue explosion effect. They still look like normal bombs, making it impossible to tell this has happened until one of them explodes unless a player has Red Bombs already. However, if the player already has the Red Bombs, they are turned black, as these are called Black Red Bombs.
  • Disco - The screen flashes in all sorts of colors.

Bomberman 64: The Second Attack Effects[]

These effects only appear in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack:

  • Luck - In the Score Attack mode, coins fall from the sky.
  • Quake - An earthquake shakes the arena.
  • All Skeletons - Every player gets a Skull effect.
  • All Kings - In the King and Knights mode, every player takes on the appearance of a King, causing confusion.
  • Clear Arena - The arena becomes invisible.
  • All Clear - All players become invisible.

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