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Erars Lake is a level that appears in Bomberman Hero. It is the third level of Area 1 of the Primus Star, Woods of Esuram. It can be accessed after completing the previous level Bubble Hole. The Rank 5 target score for this level is 6500 (4000 for Japanese version), but more points can be earned.

The level has two separate exits.


Erars Lake is mainly an underwater level that is red in color.


The main objective of this level is to reach the end. Since this level takes place underwater, the Bomber Marine is needed. Due to the nature of the Bomber Marine, this level is rather easy to get the target score in. However, there is a part with a Big EiEi enemy and five holes.

After destroying the Big EiEi enemy, there are only two paths to that will take White Bomberman forward: the upper left path that leads to the regular exit and the bottom right path that leads to the secret exit. Taking the upper left path and going through the exit (the Wall Pass item is required to pass through the wall) leads to the level Waterway while the bottom right path leads to the level Water Slider.



Adok Bomb[]

There are no Adok Bombs present in this level.

Japanese and Western Version Differences[]

Changes to the Western version:

  • A soft block pass item in the path to the Waterway exit was moved from next to the left wall to inside the first bubble hole.
  • Some Sea Urchin Mine enemies were added to the sides of the EiEi enemy at the end of the path to the Waterslider.
  • All of the red objects spanning the width of the Waterslider path were changed to be less flat in appearance.
Japanese Version Western Version
BHero Erars Lake JP 1 BHero Erars Lake EN 1
BHero Erars Lake JP 2 BHero Erars Lake EN 2