Amusement Planet Epikyur, also known as HappyLand, can be the sixth or seventh planet explored in Bomberman 64: The Second Attack depending upon the player's choice. The theme of this planet is amusement parks which has three main sections: the museum, the haunted house and the roller coaster. Despite seeming like a fun place to be with stands, rides and exhibits Epikyur has plenty of dangers, including but not limited to a not-so-extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex, teleporting item-snatching ghosts, violent feline employees, and spikes of doom that cause instant death. This planet houses the Elemental Stone of Light.


  • As this planet, along with Thantos, are not listed in the instruction booklet, the enemies here are never given official names.
  • The planet's English-localized name, Epikur, is likely a reference to Epicureanism.
  • Epikyur and museum share the same music.
    • Both Haunted House and Castle has the different theme music.
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