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Hello, little man. I am Endol! YOU came here to rescue the princess? I can't let you do that, I must stop you!

Endol, Bomberman Hero

Endol, known is Japan as Endor, is the first boss (aside from Nitros) in Bomberman Hero. He is fought on Planet Bomber.


He is a member of the Garaden Empire and the first of the Four Devils of Garaden. He is described as "looking like an electric catfish", what with his mustache/whiskers and tail. He also has two claws on each hand. His attacks revolve around electricity.


In the first phase, Bomberman must jump over the electricity spinning around from Endol's platform and throw a bomb at Endol. His chest is his weak spot. In the second phase, Endol will go to the ground and shoot balls of electricity at Bomberman. Again, Bomberman must throw bombs at him until he is destroyed.

His death scene is the same for most of the bigger bosses in this game: Rays of light come from him and he explodes. Unlike the others, there seem to be dollar bills floating around after Endol dies. He is brought back to life by Bagular, and is fought again in Boss Room 1 at Garaden Star, in a room full of water. He has the same weak point and can shoot multiple balls of electricity at Bomberman, as well as electrify the water (though Bomberman has time to jump to avoid the attack). Once he is defeated this time, Endol is gone for good.


  • Nitros, take Millian with you!
  • Here it COMES!!!

Japanese and Western Version Differences[]

Changes to the Western version:

Encounter 1[]

  • The amount of points needed to get a score of 5 was changed from 8000 to 7500.
  • Arena is slightly brighter.
  • No transceiver in arena.
  • Endol takes 10 hits to defeat instead of 6.
  • Lightning balls lock onto your position instead of just flying straight forward.
Japanese Version Western Version
BHero Vs Endol JP 1 BHero Vs Endol EN 1
No walkie-talkie means this dialogue goes unseen
BHero Vs Endol JP 2
"Beep! Bomberman! Endol's weakness is his gold chest!"

Encounter 2[]

  • The amount of points needed to get a score of 5 was changed from 8000 to 7500.
  • Endol takes 7 hits to defeat instead of 5.
  • Lightning balls lock onto your position instead of just flying straight forward.


  • According to Baruda, Endol is Baruda's older brother, and Baruda is Endol's first pupil.


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