Emerald Tube is a level that appears in Bomberman Hero. It is the fifth level of Area 1 of the Kanatia Star, Lavana Volcano, and it can be accessed from completing Magma Dam. The target score for this level is 7500 (5000 for Japanese version).



White Bomberman uses the Bomber Slider to make his way out of the cave.

Adok Bomb

There are no Adok Bombs found in this level.

Japanese and Western Version Differences

Changes to the Western version:

  • A row of three blue gems located at start of stage moved from left side to right side of stage.
  • A row of two blue gems and one gold gem located at start of stage moved from right side to left side of stage.
  • Gold heart between second and third yellow wall replaced with a heart.
  • Two rainbow gems right in front of first mosaic statue enemy replaced with one rainbow gem and one gold gem.
  • Gold gem added directly right of first two turret enemies.
  • Rainbow gem added behind first two turret enemies.
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