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Ellons (エルオン, Eruon) are species that appears in Super Bomberman R 2.


They are mysterious life forms that help the Bomberman Bros.. With devices resembling aprons and pacifiers, they resemble babies. They love helping people, and as such, they selflessly aid the Bomberman Bros. Their standard versions look a bit like the Lugions, with the main difference that the Lugions are helping the "Bad Side". There are also 5-6 other variants of them.

In the story mode of the game, Ellons play a major role and can be used for various things such as activating Warp Devices or Puzzle Pieces, or for opening the Ellon Shutters. There are 300 Ellons in total that can be rescued, 100 in each of the 3 worlds. Ellons are generally found hidden inside specific Soft Blocks (hinted by an Ellon icon on top of them), or obtained after clearing Secret Puzzles. In addition, they power Ellon Blasters to deal damage to bosses.

Pink Bomber affectionately calls the Ellon "Squishies".


  • In the cutscenes of the Ellon (after defeating Fusell and before the game credits), it is revealed that the Ellon have visible plump glutes.
  • The Ellon love the Bomberman Bros., and are very affectionate towards them.


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