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Elekong is a Charabom in Bomberman Tournament. It seems he lives only in planet Phantarion.

Bomberman Tournament[]


Elekong can be found completely at random in his "Phantom Oasis", which is found in Desert, just outside of Ita. He is quite difficult to find as he has a poor chance of appearing, and can appear just about anywhere. When he does eventually appear, walk towards him to enter the Oasis and go down the stairs. Talk to Elekong inside to recruit him.


Note: Keep continuously exploring the entire Desert area. To make it a little easier, clear the area of enemies and set Pommy Animal to "dash" through the Desert area. Contrary to popular opinion, Sharkun does not increase the chance of finding the Oasis.   

Max Stats[]

Attribute:EleElectric (Electric)
 EleEarth (Earth)
 EleWater (Water)


With Elekong equipped, players can walk through Soft Blocks.

Special Attack[]

His Special Attack is Plasma; he stands on his hind legs and lightning pours forth from his hands which hits the floor and damages the opponent.


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