Eleki is an enemy that appears in Bomberman 64. It floats through the air high above the ground, moving slowly and aimlessly. It moves in cardinal directions, turning or reversing its direction at random. If Bomberman moves near it, it will drop a thunderbolt to the ground directly below. When the thunderbolt hits the ground, it will explode with minimal Fire range, detonating bombs, destroying Soft Blocks, and harming Bomberman on collision.

Because it flies through the air, there are only two ways to attack Eleki. Bombs detonated in the air, or on very high platforms, have the potential to reach it. Alternatively, it may be stunned with a thrown bomb and attacked while it is on the ground. However, it is often too far out of range or even impossible to reach with either method of attack, in which case it must simply be avoided.

In Hard Mode, Eleki moves and drops thunderbolts at a much quicker pace.


  • The name "Eleki" comes from the Japanese words "eleki", meaning "electricity", and "ki", meaning "spirit" or "demon".


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