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The Elegant Dream is the fourth boss of Super Bomberman R. It is controlled by Karaoke Bomber. It resembles a large quad-winged queen heart.


Elegant Dream floats in random lines around the arena. Its body and wings harm the players on collision and eliminate bombs without detonation on touch. Because of that, its collision range vastly increases when it is on the ground, particularly when it's knocked out after its wings have their health drained. The battle arena is an open 27x27 square arena, with ice covering a large proportion of the floor, dividing it into four 3x3 square areas in the corners and four larger areas in the four cardinal directions. Fortunately, the ice only affects the players' movements. The weak points are the four wings and tail.

After she gets hit, Karaoke Bomber gets inside the Elegant Dream.

Elegant Dream has four attacks: Sound Square, Sound Wave, Sound Shield and Scattered Blasts. All are issued at random.

If the player attempts to attack the Elegant Dream's wings during its Sound Wave attack, a random wing will get hit.

Once the Elegant Dream's health drops to half, its attacks get faster, and it leaves less time for its wings to get hit during its Sound Square and Sound Wave attacks.