No! This is my engine! You can't have it! Leave me alone!

Electro Commander, Bomberman Quest

Electro Commander is a member of the Four Commanders, a group of thieves led by Chaos Bomber. Appearing as a boss in the game Bomberman Quest, he is the strategist of the group, able to manipulate electricity at will. He rules the Forest Zone.


In Bomberman Quest, the Four Commanders stole the four engines of the Bomber Shuttle that Bomberman was flying, forcing him to make an emergency landing on a nearby planet. Seeking to recover the engines, Bomberman confronted Electro Commander in the Forest Zone.

After Bomberman politely asked for his shuttle engine back, Electro Commander claimed that the engine was now his and that Bomberman ruined his fun. After a battle, Electro Commander was defeated and imprisoned by Bomberman.


Electro Commander is the strategist and the smartest member of the Four Commanders. Despite his intelligence, he has the personality of a whiny child, displaying this when Bomberman asks for his engine back. However, he is a powerful and dangerous foe.

Boss Fight

Electro Commander's bombs explode in a cross shape and have a Fire range of 3. He moves around randomly and will harm Bomberman on collision. He tries to avoid bombs when possible, and will sometimes speed up and chase after Bomberman. Electro Commander has 8 HP and yields the second engine as well as an Explosive Core upon his defeat.


  • He can shoot three electric balls that follow Bomberman around for a while. When they stop tracing him, they will move off-screen in whichever direction they were last facing. Only three can be on screen at a time.
  • He will kick bombs that he collides with.


  • Electro Commander's electric balls do not instantly turn to follow Bomberman; instead, they turn slowly. Using this knowledge, the player can evade them by running in circles.
  • Because Electro Commander actively evades bombs, it is possible to guide him into a corner, effectively trapping him for the remainder of the match. If Bomberman uses the Power Glove to lift and hold a bomb, Electro Commander will run away from him, making it even easier to guide him. Once trapped, he can be bombed repeatedly until he is defeated.



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