Electro (ビビン, Bibin in Japan) is an enemy from Super Bomberman 2. It appears in Dark Stage.

Electro moves slowly, constantly pursuing the player. It will harm the player on collision and takes 2 hits to defeat.

If Electro is lined up horizontally or vertically with the player with and is within a four tile space distance with no obstacles between them, it will stop moving and emit an electric shock in each of the four cardinal directions. Each branch of its' lightning attack covers one whole tile space, and it will harm the player on contact. Electro will continue this attack indefinitely until the player moves out of range or the enemy is harmed or defeated.

In Super Bomberman 5, the enemy differs in that instead of chasing the player, it walks in straight lines and only turns when it collides with a bomb or wall.

It appears in the Future World of Bomberman Portable. It does not always emit its electric spark, but when it does, it always shoots one in Bomberman's direction. It also can the capability of detonating a bomb.


The name "Bibin" is based on the Japanese word "Bibi" meaning "small" or "insignificant".

In its' enemy info image, Electro is easily angered, depicted by its' anger vein.



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