El-Baal (Gabara in Japan) is a boss in the Bomberman series, appearing in Bomberman '93 and Bomberman DS.


Bomberman '93

El-Baal acts as the fourth boss of the game, appearing on Planet Wither. He has three glowing orbs, though only one is lit at a time. Whichever orb is lit, is the player's target. El-Baal spawns four hands, which pursue Bomberman. The hands can fire projectiles, which, in addition to harming Bomberman, can erase bombs. If a single bomb destroys one of the hands, he will spawn another two hands. It takes five hits to defeat El-Baal. After being defeated, Bomberman recoveres the fourth chip.

Bomberman DS

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El-Baal reappears as the boss of the second world in Bomberman DS.

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