Ah! There you are! Bomberman! It's me! Professor Ein!

Professor Ein, Bomberman Generation

Dr. Ein (also known as Professor Ein in Bomberman Generation) is an ally of White Bomberman and a recurring character of the Bomberman series. He is an eccentric 50 year-old scientist with the appearance of a slightly overweight mad scientist. He has white spiky hair, and glasses with spirals covering the lenses. He doesn't seem to show many emotions, despite being a friendly figure and a reasonably kind soul.

He is one of the head researchers for The Justice Department and the creator of the Petit Rescue 7 robots as well as Kepo.


In nearly all of his appearances, Dr. Ein's role is basically the same; being an authority figure in the Bomber Nebula, Ein started work with fellow friend Bomberman in an intergalactic police force. He is responsible for Bomberman's objectives and his missions in the intergalactic police force to keep the universe safe, watching the universe from a space station to receive any distress call.

He often sends Max with Bomberman in his missions. However, Max is more interested in competing with Bomberman and tackling the mission his own way, rather than working together with Bomberman.


See Ein (Anime)

Ein also appears in the Bomberman Jetters anime. He'll usually alert the Jetters of the Hige Hige Bandits' activity across the universe.



  • His name is a reference to Albert Einstein.
  • In the English-language Saturn Bomberman instruction booklet, his name is mistranslated as "Dr. I".
  • In the Bomberman Fantasy Race instruction booklet, he is stated to be Bomberman's creator - although it's unclear whether it's referring to the original Bomberman or other Bombermen. At any rate, Dr. Mitsumori was previously assumed to be Bomberman's creator (and is stated as such in the English localization), so if it is the former, then that means either Mitsumori only explicitly built Black Bomberman or Ein is a redesign and reintroduction of the same character.
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