Egg Birdon is the fourth boss of Saturn Bomberman. It's a great mechanical bird.


  • Egg Birdon starts flying slowly wherever the player is, doing it 4 times. This is the only period in which it can be damaged.
  • Eggs - He will land and lay some eggs before firing a sonic blast from his mouth, taking to the skies his eggs hatch. 4 of the eggs will be purple chicks that will follow the player at close range, but otherwise move aimlessly. After 20 seconds they launch themselves into the air and dive into a random part of the arena before they burn. On rare occasions a fifth egg will be placed that houses a larger green bird. This bird will slowly follow the player and stop to breathe fire 6 tiles ahead, which can detonate bombs. Purple chicks can be destroyed for 100 points. Already, the green chicks are worth 200 points.
  • Sonic Explosion - During this time, Egg Birdon will fly at the top of the arena and fire sound explosions if Bomberman is in range; will not return to the arena unless all puppies are destroyed, in which case the pattern repeats.


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