Earth Bomber is a member of the Dark Force Bombers. He is a powerful warrior who fights with the spirit of the earth.

Bomberman Wars

In Bomberman Wars, Earth Bomber makes his first chronological appearance, attacking Bomber Continent alongside the rest of the Dark Force Bombers. He is fought in the Underground Palace at the southwest point of the map.

Although he has a very short bomb placement range, he makes up for it with his large movement range. His special attack is "Da-radara", a Line Bomb technique that allows him to place a line of bombs in any direction.

Upon defeat, Earth Bomber is sealed away in a Blue Crystal by King Bomber.


  • Move - 5
  • Range - 1
  • Special - Da-radara (Line Bomb, 6 uses)

Bomberman World

Several hundred years after the events of Bomberman Wars, Earth Bomber is released from his Blue Crystal, revived, and given an upgrade by Bagura. He conquers Planet Forest and is the first Dark Force Bomber that Bomberman encounters.

Earth Bomber's special ability allows him to curl up into a ball and roll in a straight line until he collides with a wall or bomb. While he is curled up, he is impervious to explosions. His bombs have a Fire range of 3.

Upon defeat, Earth Bomber fights Bomberman with Trent. He is ultimately bested and is once again sealed away in a Blue Crystal.


  • In Bomberman Wars, Earth Bomber wears what appears to be the fur of a brown Louie. Brown Louies are known for their Line Bomb ability, an ability that Earth Bomber possesses in that game.
  • Earth Bomber is often depicted with an axe in his hand, though he never uses it in combat.



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