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Dynamite (artwork)

Dynamite's artwork in Super Bomberman 5

The Dynamite (ダイナマイト, Dainamaito) is a trap that first appeared in Super Bomberman 2.


It is a Hard Block that appears as a bundle of dynamite with a clock strapped to it. When Dynamite is hit by an explosion, it detonates, resulting in a large explosion.[1]

In Super Bomberman 2, a detonated bundle of Dynamite will create up to five sub-explosions - one appears centered directly over the tile space where the Dynamite was originally standing (the origin), and the other four are centered two tile spaces away in all four directions. Each sub-explosion has a blast range of two, such that the explosion as a whole may extend out to four tile spaces in each of the four cardinal directions.[2]

In Super Bomberman 5, the resulting explosion covers the same area, except that the sub-explosions to the left and right of the origin only extend one tile space out to the left and right, and the sub-explosions above and below the origin only extend one tile space out toward the top and bottom of the screen. This makes for a smaller and more rounded explosion that may only extend out to three tile spaces in each of the four cardinal directions.




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