Draco is the guardian of Green Garden's anchor connecting it to Altair's base of operations, Black Fortress. His nickname is Winged Guardian. Bomberman battles him in Stage 4, on a tall bridge-like platform at the very top of Green Garden. It is impossible for Bomberman to fall off. Sirius supplies Bomberman with remote bombs for the battle. To defeat Draco, Bomberman must throw a bomb at the main part of his body. A pumped bomb explosion causes one heart of damage to him. Three hits from a Pumped Bomb will kill Draco. Once defeated, Draco catches fire and falls to his death.

Gold Cards

  1. Burn his head
  2. Burn his left wing
  3. Burn his right wing
  4. Burn his tail
  5. Defeat him by target time

One way to burn Draco's tail is for Bomberman to wait until Draco flies under the bridge, and then throw a pumped bomb over the edge and detonate it at the precise moment. If timed exactly right, Draco will fly through the explosion and take damage, as well as getting his tail burned. Another method is to wait until Draco flies up to the bridge to breathe fire at Bomberman. If Draco is turned to side far enough, then his tail should be close enough to the bridge for Bomberman to throw a bomb at.


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