Dr. Mook[2] (alternatively Dr. Mukk[3]) is an evil scientist working for Carat Diamond and one of the main antagonists in the game Super Bomberman. He was the one responsible in the creation and modification of their robots.


In the modern metropolis Diamond City, Dr. Mook and his master Carat Diamond were holding a Robot Tournament with robots specially designed for their combat and offensive capabilities. Wanting the advanced combat capabilities of White Bomberman to create evil and powerful robots, as well as the control over the small Peace Town to the south, the evil duo created a fake Bomberman to go to Peace Town and kidnap the real Bomberman, but Black Bomberman, trying to stop this, went to face them alone.

Dr. Mook in the ending of Super Bomberman

Managing to escape after losing the battle with the imitation, as well as his castle, Black Bomberman warned White Bomberman of Carat Diamond's evil plan. Joining forces for the first time, the two Bombermen fought wave upon wave of enemy robots, until Dr. Mook himself decided to confront them piloting one of his robots. Defeated, Dr. Mook escaped, just to return riding another robot, this time with Carat Diamond.

The evil duo in their last robot.

After being defeated, the building where they were fighting collapsed, making Dr. Mook and Carat try to escape. However, Dr. Mook was caught by Black Bomberman and got punched, making him plead forgiveness for him. The duo haven't been seen since then, but the game's credits imply that they were arrested and imprisoned.


Dr. Mook is one of the few characters who can't make bombs, so he relies only in his robots to win a fight. He, however, can make Skulls that can give a variety of ill affects.


  • Dr. Mook and Carat Diamond are the first Bomberman villains not to be a member of the Bomberman race, usurping Black Bomberman after three games (TG-16, II, and '93) of playing the villain.
    • The duo are also the ones to inadvertently cause Black Bomberman to reform into a hero, forcing him to partner with White Bomberman.



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