Why, yes I am. I can help you. Here's the new Bombermen I just constructed.

Dr. Memory, Do-Re-Mi Fantasy

Dr. Mitsumori (Referred as Dr. Memory in Do-Re-Mi Fantasy) is a character from the TurboGrafx-16 game Bomberman. He is the creator of Black Bomberman, using Bomberman as a prototype for further robots.


In the future, he used Bomberman's data to create a second model for the benefit of humankind. Unfortunately, there was a grave programming error. Black Bomberman suddenly rebelled and kidnapped his daughter Lisa, commanding a legion of bad creatures. Having witnessed the crime, Bomberman immediately set off to save the girl from the Mechanical Castle. In the end, he was reunited with his daughter and was last seen embracing her upon return.

In the English instructions, he is also stated to be the original Bomberman's creator, but this is not specified in Japanese material. According to the Bomberman Fantasy Race instruction manual, this honor instead belongs to Dr. Ein; however, if the two are "brothers", they would logically have the same "father".

He also appears as a bonus panel that gives 111110 points if the Soft Block hiding the exit is destroyed last.

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