This page is about Saturn Bomberman's final boss Dr. Mechado. If you want to read about the character, see Dr. Mechado.

Dr. Mechado (Dr. メカード) is the true ultimate boss of Saturn Bomberman. After Mujoe's defeat, he tries to escape via balloon. In its first phase, it is protected as a force field generated by twenty elite allies. In its second phase, his head leaves his body to board his giant mecha on a unicycle.

First phase

Boss Dr. Mechadoc part 1
The beginning of this fight is against an 18 Battle Grunts troop.
  • The yellow waves are helpless and will do nothing but wander slowly and aimlessly through the arena.
  • The blue wave can now fire a slow moving laser that can detonate bombs and harm players on contact, but can only be fired down.
  • The red wave is identical to blue, but always slightly faster.

All Grunts takes 1 hit to destroy and they worth 100 points upon destruction.

Second phase

Boss Dr. Mechadoc part 2
Once the Grunts are defeated, Dr. Mechado will connect to a giant robot that rides a unicycle. If the player dies to this form, he will have to restart the Grunts again. The robot can only move sideways by jumping 2 tiles at a time, and has a variety of attacks that it can use:
  • Fan - The robot will wave a fan, pushing all players and bombs in a specific direction.
  • Bomb Robots The mecha deploys waves of 4 bomb robots that will try to follow the player; they only see every second intersection and detonate after 15 seconds with an explosion radius of 3 Fire. Each is worth 100 points in destruction;
    • The mecha produces 7 robot bombs in balloons that eventually fall and explode on the floor. Often followed by waving the fan.
  • Bouncing Balls - The mecha places two pink balls to bounce around the arena, detonating any bombs they touch. The balls take 2 hits to defeat, but will burn on their own after a while.
  • Projectiles - The mecha creates a cannon to launch 5 projectiles in each vertical corridor.


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