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For the Jetters anime character, see Dr. Mechado (Jetters).

Not bad, Bomberman! You destroyed all of my robots! But now you haven't got a chance! Are you ready, Bomberman? This is MY MASTERPIECE! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dr. Mechado, Saturn Bomberman

Dr. Mechado (referred to as Mecado in Bomberman Jetters: Game Collection) is a villain and recurring character in the Bomberman series.

Reporting directly to Mujoe, Dr. Mechado is a fifty year-old genius, but mad and corrupted, scientist of the intergalactic crime organization Hige Hige Bandits, being an influential man whose bomb science is only rivaled by Dr. Ein. He made himself a robot, mechanizing his face, body and right hand, making it easy for his head to detach from his body. He destroys any information from places he does not like. He is also the creator of the robotic bandits/battle units/minions known as the Hige Hige Bandits. Dr. Mechado had white hair in his first appearance, which was later changed to grey.


Making his first appearance with Mujoe in Saturn Bomberman, Dr. Mechado helps Mujoe with his plan to conquer the world, releasing the monster Crator from his prison. However, as Dr. Mechado prefers not to engage directly in combat, he simply relies on the many machines used by Mujoe and the Hige Hige Bandits. Dr. Ein then sends White Bomberman (and maybe Black Bomberman) to regain control of the crystals which held Crator in his prison and restore order, defeating Dr. Mechado and crushing the plans of the evil Mujoe along the way.

In the games[]

Saturn Bomberman[]

Dr. Mechado is the true final boss of Saturn Bomberman. He tries to escape via blimp after Mujoe's defeat in Mujoe World. For his first phase, he is protected be a force field generated by twenty elite sentouin. For his second phase, his head jettisons out of his body to board his giant mecha on a unicycle. (see: Dr. Mechado).

Bomberman Kart DX[]

In Bomberman Kart DX, Dr. Mechado appears as the penultimate boss in the Survival Mode. Here, he is physically and directly engaged in combat, yet his only means of attacks are throwing capsules that release Colossus, Kabukibot and Tankbot, while he runs away in high speed and laugh maniacally.

Bomberman Jetters[]

Dr. Mechado (referred to as Dr. Mechard in the Majesco localization) is the true final boss in the Bomberman Jetters video game for the GameCube and PlayStation 2. His machine is shaped like his face and each orifice must be attacked with a different type of bomb to defeat him.

In the anime[]

See Dr. Mechado (Jetters)

Dr. Mechado (unofficially referred to as Dr. Mechadoc in the Anime-Kraze fansubs) also appears in the anime adaptation Bomberman Jetters. Here, he directly works under Bagura and continues to invent many things for the Hige Hige to use. However, as the anime progresses, it is shown that he created Max in secret but passed him off as a "space thief" to Bagura, who recommended Max join the team in order to more efficiently obtain unique items in the universe.

Barely characterized in Saturn Bomberman, (yet, in Saturn Bomberman, he first appears as calm, praising Bomberman for defeating all his robots, but also becoming confident and over-ambitious, as he believes Bomberman doesn't have a chance in beating his masterpiece; a giant mecha version of Mechado himself riding a giant unicycle), Jetters depicts him as a manipulative, conniving man who doesn't directly engage in any of the battles against the Jetters, instead relying on Mujoe's idiocy and MAX to further his plans. He's also a bit more unhinged than the others, happily willing to discard lives of anyone who gets in his way.

However, as episodes came and went, Mechado became the true main antagonist of the anime, as he forced Bagura and Mujoe to ally with the Jetters because he threatens to destroy Planet Jetters, but not until in Keep Going, Jetters!, where Mechado finally got his defeat and punishment.


  • While Mujoe and the Hige Hige Bandits would go on to make numerous further appearances throughout the series, Dr. Mechado, interestingly, would only make one more appearance in Bomberman Jetters and its accompanying tie-in game before never appearing again, yet, he did made it in Bomberman Kart DX's survival mode.
  • Not so much a fact, per-se, but there's been something of a misconception spread around for years, likely in thanks to Anime-Kraze's fansubs of Bomberman Jetters, saying that Dr, Mechado name is "Dr. Mechadoc". This is actually incorrect because the Japanese pronunciation reads out as 'Mechardo', essentially meaning that his English name should read out as 'Mechard'. The pronunciation seen here works because it reads closer to said original pronunciation.
  • In Saturn Bomberman, Dr. Mechado has a pink lab coat with a blue neck tie and green shoes. This is reviled in Bomberman Kart DX, yet, it's given a slight upgrade where his pants, neck tie and shoes are all green.


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