Doria (コンドリア literally Kondoria), also kwown as Dovia and Amebea, is an amoeba-like enemy found in Bomberman games, it can appear cyan, turquoise, or in any other color. It's able to pass through soft blocks.

Bomberman (NES)

Doria appears as an enemy in Bomberman, It moves really slow, but it can move through Soft Blocks. It appears cyan-colored, just as the Onils are. Dorias are very smart, they will commonly attempt to chase Bomberman and they can evade bombs. Upon death, they're worth 1000 points and their first potential appearance can be Stage 3, if you bomb the exit/power up present there. They were cut from Bomberman II, but sprites from Bomberman are left over.

Bomberman (TG-16)

Appears only in battle mode.

Bomberman '93

Appears in World 5, Surf.

Bomberman DS

Doria appears in this game, it has the same speed of the NES version, and it can still move through Soft Blocks.

Bomberman 64 (2001)

Doria appears here as an enemy in the Normal mode, it also appears in the Minigames.



  • Its appearance looks like a cartoonish version of the Amoebas from the Gradius series.
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