Dolphin Bomber is one of the Combined Bombermen who first appeared in the anime, Bomberman Jetters, in "White Bomber, Launched Without Permission."


Dolphin Bomber was created to find the unique perfume by Dr. Mechado. She was capable of fending off the Jetters. However, White Bomber, Bongo, and Gangu devised a plan to have her jump through a hoop, in which her dolphin instincts would react to. At the midst of jumping through the hoop, White Bomber threw a bomb at her and reverted her back into a normal dolphin.

Dolphin Bomber also reappeared in "A Fierce Battle! B-1 Grand Prix!!," participating in the B-1 Grand Prix. She was fighting against Bomber Musashi. However, Bomber Musashi waited patiently before starting the battle. By the time he was ready to fight, Dolphin Bomber's pool had dried up, therefore losing the match.

Attire and general appearance

Dolphin Bomber's appearance is that of a dolphin and like all Bombermen, she has an antenna in place where her dorsal fin should be. She also wears a pink-with-red-polka-dots inner tube, ruby red lip stick, and scallop shells on her bosoms. Her Skin is a light blue with a white patch covering most of her body. Her bluish patch forms a curly-q on either side of her head.


Dolphin Bomber had two episode appearances.

Dolphin Bomber2.png
  • Dolphin Bomber makes a debut in "White Bomber, Launched Without Permission." Dr. Mechado created Dolphin Bomber to fend off the Jetters in their attempt to take the unique perfume. Dolphin Bomber was capable of doing so with her Sonic Bomb. However, the Jetters devised a plan to defeat Dolphin Bomber: they attacked a hoop into Gangu and had her jump inside it. With her dolphin instincts, she jumped through the hoop, only to be tricked by White Bomber, who threw a bomb at her. Dolphin Bomber was defeated.
Dolphin Bomber1.png
  • Dolphin Bomber reappears to participate in the B-1 Grand Prix, though her only purpose was to obtain the unique trophy. She was up against Bomber Musashi. Although with Bomber Musashi's cunning tactics of waiting patiently, as time passed on, Dolphin Bomber's pool of water eventually dried out, along with Dolphin Bomber herself. As a result, she was easily defeated.


Sonic Bomb

  • Sonic Bomb - The Sonic Bomb releases powerful and very painful high frequency sound waves that can damage hearing.
  • Deflect - Dolphin Bomber is capable of deflecting bombs back to her opponents.
  • Jump - being part dolphin, she is capable of jumping out of the water. She uses this technique in order to jump into the hoop.


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