Dokyuun is a ridable enemy from Neo Bomberman. It comes from a mechanical Egg.

Dokyuun moves at a slow pace, constantly pursuing the player. It passes through Soft Blocks, destroying them on contact. It will harm the player on collision.

Upon defeat, Dokyuun becomes a mechanical Egg.


When riding Dokyuun, the player can launch the monster as a missile by pressing the B button. Dokyuun will then fly in a straight line, exploding with a 2 Fire range on contact with a wall, bomb, or player. Once Dokyuun has exploded, the firing player will drop to the floor. Executing this attack will destroy the monster.


  • The name "Dokyuun" comes from the Japanese word "dokyuu", meaning "dreadnought".
  • It resembles Bullet Bill from the Mario franchise.
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