Dokgun (ドッガーン, Doggan in Japanese) is the second boss of Super Bomberman 3. Its passenger is Golem Bomber.


  • Fire Arms – After retracting its metal arms, arms of fire emerge from Dokgun. The boss continues to walk around as the arms move slowly up and down in a wavy pattern. They may move in opposite directions or in the same directions. They will detonate bombs and damage players that cross their paths.
  • Fire Ball – Dokgun will stop moving, open its mouth, and release a trail of fire that bends in a wave-like pattern as it moves toward the bottom of the screen. This attack detonates bombs and damages players.
  • Hands – Dokgun stops and fires his metal arms horizontally. When the hands hit the outer walls, they stop, shaking the screen and paralyzing players. The boss then spawns new arms and continues movement while the player remains paralyzed for a few seconds more. Players hit by the flying hands will take damage. It is important to note that bombs will still count down and explode while players are paralyzed. If both arms are hit by an explosion, the boss is the one who is paralyzed, and the players are not affected and can walk normally on the arena.
  • Volcano Bombs – Dokgun stops and fires four volcanic projectiles, which shoot up out of the top of the screen and come down on random spaces around the room. A flashing shadow appears on the landing point of each projectile. Upon landing, the bombs will burst and disappear, damaging players and detonating bombs underneath them.
  • When it is not rendered immobile while performing certain attacks, Dokgun will walk quickly, occasionally turning at intersections.


  • The boss' "volcano bomb" attack is very similar to the primary attack of Golem Bomber's previous boss form, Breast Fire.
  • When Dokgun is defeated, he breaks up into a bunch of rocks.


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