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Digger, known as Monger in Japan, is the boss of Planet Quarry in Bomberman '93. He is a brown furry humanoid, and his animal species might be a wingless bat.


Even as the first boss, he is not to be underestimated. He will teleport into the area. He will create one or two lines of blue fireballs on his face's direction and will warp quickly again. After 2 hits, he will clone himself and his attack will double. Players can harm the fake one to down his HP, too. On the fourth hit, his skin will change to orange and will only create vertical fireball lines. Digger takes 5 hits to defeat and yields a score of 20000 points. Upon defeat, the player will gain the first chip.


In the comedic scene after defeating the boss, Digger gets very embarrassed that Bomberman is acting like him while a red leaf is blown. The scene remains the same in all the game versions.