A-digging we will go, a-digging we will go...

Digadug, Bomberman Quest

Digadug (モグ, Mogumogu, in Japan) is an enemy that appears in Bomberman Quest. It disappears and then emerges from the ground at random positions on the screen. If it is hit with an explosion, it will jump out of the ground and run in a straight line before diving back underground. While running above the ground, it is vulnerable to attacks.

When it emerges from the ground, Digadug can be struck with a thrown bomb in order to stun it. While it is stunned, it is vulnerable to attacks. However, it recovers rather quickly, and will then dig back down into the ground immediately. If a normal bomb is placed and then picked up before it explodes, it will explode more quickly once it has been thrown. Thus, a normal bomb can be thrown at Digadug when it emerges, and will more likely explode on it before it awakens and disappears.

Digadug has 6 HP and yields the Shovel upon its defeat.[1]


  • The Japanese name "Mogumogu" comes from the word "mogura", meaning "mole".


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