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Diamond City is a modern metropolis where is the White Bomberman and Black Bomberman's hometown is located in primary Bomberman games until Super Bomberman 2.


Corners of this metropolis were explored by White Bomberman to stop the Black Bomberman who was the main villain in Bomberman and Bomberman II.

In Super Bomberman, this metropolis was in great danger because of the Robot Tournament founded by Carat Diamond to steal the White BomberMan's advanced combat capabilities. For that reason, the entire metropolis was explored by White Bomberman and Black Bomberman (decided to help him by losing the tournament and having his castle taken) to win the tournament and end the whole Diamond scheme until that mission was successful.

In Super Bomberman 5, this metropolis formed part of Terrorin World where Bomber Woof is found. Only the scenarios of Peace Town, Robot Amusement Park and Dr. Mook's Robot Remodeling Factory are included.



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