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Devil Slinger is the secondary antagonist in Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory, and is Black Bomber and White Bomber's rival, yet his rivalry with White is one-sided. He is King Vader's right-hand man, but when he got a Crysmond for himself, he betrays King Vader, revealing Slinger himself is not completely evil.

Bakugaiden V[]

A mercenary who first appeared in Episode 29. He is a cool, ruthless and strong man who wears pale ghost cloud blue clothes reminiscent of a gunman and holds a white guitar. His first person is "Ore", as "Ore" means "I". He has a side of respect for the strong and has his own rules called "The Ten Devil Slinger Rules". On the other hand, he has a high sense of pride, and will not even talk to a weak opponent. The white guitar he carries becomes his mail armor when he combines with his Devil Armor, Bee Shark.

Originally, he was a lone wolf space pirate wanted by the B-Da Federation, and Black Bomber knew of his existence. However, he was hired by King Vader, who was planning to dominate the universe, and became complicit, supporting the failing Three Devil Musketeers and planning their strategies under King Vader's orders. He sees Black Bomber as his rival. His abilities are so high that Black Bomber has called him his lifelong rival. He is also a highly skilled fighter in the flesh, and is capable of defeating Black Bomber. He once overwhelmed the Three Devil Musketeers in armor while holding a Crysmond.

He once betrayed and defeated King Vader, but in reality, he was not defeated and is still alive. He learns of King Vader's survival when King Vader appears in the SS Battleship he is riding, and King Vader's attack brings him back to his senses. He is defeated in his final battle with Black Bomber. After that, he challenges King Vader to a decisive battle against his own battleship, which he shoots down in order to atone for his past actions, but he disappears and has not reappeared since. He never appeared in the manga version.

Devil Armors[]

Bee Shark[]

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  • Apparently, despite his importance and having a B-Da Armor of his own, Devil Slinger was also never released as a toy figure.