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Devil Ant, Bomberman Quest

Devil Ant (デビルアント, Debiru Anto) is an enemy in Bomberman Quest.


Bomberman Quest[]

Devil Ant appears in the Forest Zone. It alternates between chasing Bomberman and throwing stones. Devil Ant has two types of stone-throwing attacks. In one attack it will stop moving and begin to rotate clockwise, throwing eight stones in eight directions. The stones slowly move in straight lines, disappearing when they collide with walls.

In the other attack, Devil Ant will throw one large stone at Bomberman, which will break into three smaller stones when it lands on the ground. The three smaller stones spread out briefly before disappearing. Both the stones and Devil Ant will harm Bomberman on collision.

Devil Ant has 4 HP and yields the !? upon its defeat.[1]

Bomberman Max 2[]

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